Richmond Racetrack

Richmond is a greyhound-racing track in New South Wales in Australia, which hosts a number of Group races as well as a number of smaller local races per week. The track is one of the oldest in Australia, having hosted its first race in 1912. The races at the track happen on Friday and Monday evenings, starting at 6:30 and carrying on until late.  The group races are also held at night, annually on either a Friday or a Monday.

The track has a circumference of 457 metres with a loam surface and four options of starting points. The 7.5 metre width ensures that dogs can spread out along the Straits and around the corners, enabling a fair run for all dogs.

Richmond racing

Weekly races are held at Richmond on twenty nine Monday evenings of the year.  The races are a social event for locals who see it as a night out, not only to bet on the dogs but also a chance to dine in the restaurant or have a drink at the bar.

The Globe Memorial Super Maiden is one of the main races, which is run at Richmond for maiden dogs. The race is run over 547 metres and showcases potential young dogs from local and national trainers.  The race is particularly popular with punters as it gives them a chance to analyse which dogs may do well in the future. Betting on the race can be done via TAB online sites as well as at the track itself.  Most races at Richmond are televised via Sky Channels, including the Memorial Super Maiden.

Other big races at Richmond racetrack include the Richmond Oaks and the Richman Derby, both of which are Group Two races.   These are also televised via Sky and can be bet on online and at the track.

Greyhound Betting Tips

Placing a bet on a greyhound race is always best done with knowledge of the dogs and of the trainer’s as well as the course.  Dogs, like horses, have good pedigrees, bad pedigrees and injury histories that may affect the running of the present race.  This information is available on most local websites that cater to greyhound racing at the particular track.

Bitches tend to peak around two years of age, while male dogs peak a bit later around the age of three. Favourite dogs will always have higher odds, which means that the payout on them will be less.  Get to know your dogs and how they have run in the past as to whether the odds on them are correct or not.  A spell in racing could be indicative of a dog that has sustained an injury. Recovering or injured dogs do not usually run as well as a dog in top form. No matter how favourite the dog may have been in the past, the injury or illness could put a serious damper on his current performance.

The two inside boxes have the advantage in wet weather.  Dogs that jump from these boxes are best suited to sprinting without having to cross the pack.  If your dog has drawn an outside box, make sure that he is capable of crossing the Pack to reach the inside rail during the race.