What is an Online Casino Promotion for Players

In the Philippines there are hundreds of online casinos, all vying to attract new players. Not only do they want to attract new players, but they also want to keep their existing players loyal so that they will not get poached by the competition. To do this many online casinos will offer an online casino promotion. These promotions come in many shapes and sizes and are aimed at different parts of the online casino market. No Deposit Bonus This is an online casino promotion that is aimed at new players. This promotion happens before you deposit any money into

Online casino news

Why is Online Casino News Important? When you are a part of the online casino community it is important to stay in touch with the latest updates, game releases and information. The best way to do this is to read the online casino news as often as possible. Online casino news can be the difference between missing an online casino promotion and possibly making use of it. Where to Find The Latest Online casino news Online casino news is all over the internet. There are hundreds of sites around the world and in the Philippines which cater for online


Online casino gaming sites

What Are Online Casino Gaming Sites? Online casino gaming sites are basically virtual casinos. As the world slowly took to the internet, and it became an integral part of information exchange and entertainment, brick and mortar casinos took the step to morph into a virtual incarnation. These days there are hundreds of thousands of online casino gaming sites on the internet. Some sites are region specific, so will not accept players from the Philippines. Many sites however are created specifically for players from the Philippines and are easily found with a simple search. How To Access Online Casino Gaming

Online casino bonus

Great Reasons to Use An Online Casino Bonus An Online casino bonus is something that is offered by online casinos in order to attract new players. New casinos especially make use of these in order to swell their ranks of signed up players from the Philippines and stay in business. Long standing casinos will also offer these online casino bonus in order to try and attract both new players and players from other casinos. An online casino must attract new players to keep itself in business. Welcome Bonus This is a bonus that is aimed at new players. A

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon Online Slot There are actually a good couple of online slot game based on movies and stories from movies. This Creature From The Black Lagoon online slot game is developed by NetEnt and is one such movie based theme style from the movie of the same name, released in 1954. The story on the reels of this slot is that of an Amazon Jungle adventure in which the protagonists go in search of a mysterious beast that apparently lies beneath the water of this specific lake. The graphics and design of this slot are


Checking out the Functions of Birds On A Wire Slots Game

Birds On A Wire is a fresh and innovative slot machine, and the title describes the slot machine more than being a reference to the theme, or being related to the film with the same name, or even the Leonard Cohen song of the same name. The slot machine actually features birds perched on a wire. Competition in the slots development industry is such that the need for fresh ideas, creativity and innovation is pushing the entire field to new limits and representations. Birds On A Wire is a terrific example of a new generation slot machine presenting players

Sports Betting

A Look at Golf Betting in the Season of the British Open

There are four major professional golf tournaments played annually around the world and this British Open is the oldest of these. Clearly a prestigious event in what is often regarded as one of the more prestigious sports, this is one certainly not to be missed by enthusiasts of the craft. Beyond this though there is the betting potential such a sport and indeed tournament can offer to the punting community and with the options and possibilities available online to do such things the platform is definitely regarded as set. Overall though, in order to be an effective golf punter



Boxing Betting Boxing is one of the oldest and still most popular sports in the world. Its history can be traced back longer than almost any other sport, and the fact it still exists today is nothing short of astonishing. Boxing is not to be mistaken for more modern combat based sports such as MMA, also referred to as mixed martial arts. These are two similar but different ports. Boxing is defined by the fact that fighters are only allowed to use their fists, and may only land punches above the belt. Fighters are also required to wear thick


Play Rainbow Queen Slot by EGT Software with Our Guide

Everyone has been plagued by insects of some kind at one time or another –whether it’s the annoying buzz of a mosquito or the irritation of a flea bite, pests of this type have undoubtedly made for speculations as to what possible purpose they could serve. Rainbow Queen slot from EGT Software is here to change all that, as the bugs that abound on these reels are not only adorable, but able to confer some very significant real money wins as well. Players will be enjoy a lovely little ladybird; a beautifully rendered beetle; a grasshopper puffing on a


Olympus Glory Slot by EGT Software Summarized

Players fascinated with the mythology of Ancient Greece will love Olympus Glory slot, but the casino game has been designed so effectively that even those with little to no knowledge of these incredible tales will be able to enjoy it –and may well find themselves investigating these beliefs when play comes to an end. This real money slots game from EGT Software brings the world of Ancient Greece to life, and introduces players to the gods who governed it: Zeus, the father of the gods; Athena, the goddess of war; Poseidon, the god who ruled the sea; Dionysus, the